A scene all too common to practically everyday of my life ! :) And look , there's Adriana Lima in the background!! ( my favorite model)

Unicycling at circus club, we did entertainment for an art walk...... much fun.... look at Kevin in the hat!

Juggling at the artwalk ....woo hoooo......

Myself and my best friend Kenny at our Junior Ball* A night full of Michael Jackson moves......

Last summer I went to an extras casting call for the movie "Cold Mountain" in Williamsburg. Once we found that they were in need of skinny males to play soldiers, I was all dressed up with no place to go! So we went into Old Town and took photos...... it was about 95 outside ....just dreadful really.

At some club in LA ...My sweetie looks so cute in teal! ( yea it's fake, but you'd do it too if you knew how ! )

Elton and I making fun of the fans! He's such a kidder...

Wannabe Roadie:)

Fender Strat...... it's not mine , I have an Ibanez. This was a picture for a Rolling Stone Mag/Got Milk campaign thing

The End. *Thank goodness* no more pictures of me....until you click on "show time!"
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