All art is done by me...if you'd like to use any on your site please ask!Enjoy**

Ohhhhhhh's coming ....brand new Frank N Furter art......... in alllll his glory!**

July 2003 . This was done in medium charcoal pencil. I'm really pleased with his expression.... but who wouldn't be? I'll try to finish it sometime, but I'm not quite sure I want to :)

As promised!! Here is one of my fav Frank looks, it's during "I'm Going Home" when he sits on the stairs. *Tear* May 26th, 2003

More to come! Until then...... this section will be a bit chilly! As Mr. Curry would say , " Do bundle up, it's cold outside..."

Yes. I made a bust of Frank in the snow, I'm hopeless, I know. :)

.:*Frank Art*:.

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